BeWarm Heating Plan

If you're tired of the cost and inconvenience of heating emergencies, then take a look at the BeWarm Heating Plan, delivered in partnership with Southdowns Mechanical Limited.

What's included in the BeWarm Heating Plan?

Have a brand new, energy-efficient installed and serviced by Southdowns Mechanical Limited.

This at zero cost upfront and with no unexpected bills for the lifetime of the boilers. All installation, servicing, safety checks and maintenance is covered by a simple, all-inclusive monthly payment. 

There's also no need to pay for any boiler care plans as the likes of British Gas and HomeServe offer. You will have access to 24/7 emergency phone support that covers repairs and even replacement if necessary, with no excess. 

This plan is suitable for homeowners and domestic landlords alike, and is available for a wide range of different boiler brands and models to suit your needs.

BeWarm's Smart Heating Plan with internet-connected gateway monitors the health of your boiler and can detect faults and provide maintenance before you experience any disruptions or breakdowns. 

Who is the BeWarm Heating Plan for?

The BeWarm Heating plan is ideally suited for homeowners and domestic landlords who:

  • Need a new boiler and want to spread the cost rather than paying for it all upfront
  • Have an old boiler costing more than necessary with repairs and energy bills
  • Looking for the security of lifetime boiler servicing, safety checks and maintenance cover

How does it work?

If you're interested to find out more or want to get started, please:

  1. Get in touch for a survey. Along with your regular quote, you'll receive your personal BeWarm Heating Plan quote for your new boiler.
  2. Complete a 2 minute online application and you'll receive a BeWarm agreement to review and sign online.
  3. Southdowns Mechanical Limited will install your new boiler and BeWarm will follow up to ensure you're happy with the job
  4. No upfront cost is involved, just a monthly direct debit payment 
  5. Southdowns Mechanical Limited will regularly service the boiler at no additional cost, giving you peace of mind that your boiler is working safely and efficiently.

If the above sounds good to you please contact us and we'll arrange a free survey with no obligation BeWarm Heating Plan quote.

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